Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vote “Against” Proposition 5 - City Manager Controls Auditor and Kangaroo Court Justice

Vote “Against” Proposition 5  - City Manager Controls Auditor and Kangaroo Court Justice
Even Captain Kangaroo Embarrassed by City Manager's Idea of Ethics Review Commission

What does it do?

  • Establishment of Financial Oversight and Audit Committee in the Charter
  • Grants the Ethics Review Commission the power to assess monetary fines in addition to sanctions
  • Establishment of an independent internal audit function in the Charter
  • Creates dual reporting for internal auditor
  • Internal auditor shall be appointed and removed by the City Manager with the approval of City Council.           

Creates “kangaroo court”

This amendment would create a new ethics commission which is essentially a “kangaroo court” with the power to impose fines and sanctions. The effect is to discourage the filing of ethics complaints against public officials.

Dangerous Power Shift for Financial Oversight

It gives the City Manager control of the hiring and firing of the city’s auditor. You heard it -- Joyce Wilson will be able to fire the guy who audits her -- and to choose someone of her like mind to replace him or her.
As seen in the email below, obtained via, City Manager wants Lorenzo Garcia-like power over the Internal Auditor. Basically, if she does not like what she sees, out the door.

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