Saturday, July 19, 2014

Where the Hell Does City Council Rep. for Dist. 6 Candidate Claudia Ordaz Really Live?

Where the Hell Does City Council Rep. for Dist. 6 Candidate Claudia Ordaz Really Live?
Questions raised if Ordaz Gamed the System? Does Ordaz really live in District 3?
by Carmen Jones and George Billings 

Does Claudia Ordaz Live in District 6?

When applying for a place on the District 6 ballot in May 2014, Claudia Ordaz signed a sworn statement under oath that she has lived in District 6 for 24 years which legal documents show is clearly not true.  

Application for Place on Ballot, Filed May 6, 2014

On the Ballot Application, Ordaz says she's lived in District 6 for 24 years, yet in a January 2014 HUD Special Warranty Deed (see below) shes lives at another address.

City of El Paso's City Rep./District Search puts Ordaz' supposed David Carrasco address in Dist. 6

According to State Law as well as Local law, Section 2.2 Part A Item 2 of the City Charter, Candidates for City Representative are required to live in the district for 6 months preceding the election.

Although one would think the District 6 election began on July 2, 2014 with the start of early voting, a City employee ”decided” the election was July 19, 2014 so all legally eligible candidates must have lived in District 6 by January 19, 2014 to comply with the law.

Legal Documents filed in Official Public Records show that Claudia Ordaz lived in District 3 and did not live in District 6.

1. A DEED OF TRUST established that Claudia Ordaz purchased a HUD home located at 11372 David Carrasco Drive on January 17, 2014 in District 6 but did not live in the home (see above).

2. A SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED executed between a HUD representative and Claudia Ordaz established her residence at 11029 Bob Stone in District 3

Deed of Trust for

Deed of Trust

Special Warranty deed lists Bob Stone

Furthermore the City Property Tax Record for 11372 David Carrasco Drive shows that as of June 24, 2014:

1. Claudia Ordaz is the listed owner of the 11372 David Carrasco Drive but her mailing address is still listed as 11029 Bob Stone in District 3. The same is reflected by the Central Appraisal District.

City of El Paso's City Rep/District Locator puts 11029 Bob Stone in District 3

2. More importantly Claudia Ordaz did not take the homestead exemption on the 11372 David Carrasco Drive property. 

Claudia Ordaz would have to live in the home at 11372 David Carrasco Drive full time to qualify for a homestead exemption, which would also provide a discount on her property taxes as well as provide certain protections for the property.

It appears Claudia Ordaz may have gamed the system, with help from her County Commissioner boyfriend Vince Perez, to get around election law by using Perez’ address at 649 Londonderry on her February 2014 Campaign Treasurer filing.

County Commissioner Vince Perez is listed to live at this Londonderry address. Is Ordaz using Perez' address to gain the system.

February Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by Candidate form list Ordaz at the Londonderry address.

Furthermore Claudia Ordaz is now using a PO Box as her address on her June 2014 Campaign Finance reports. 

Ordaz' June 19 Campaign Finance Report uses a PO Box in the 79917 zip code area

If we want to stop public corruption in El Paso we must first demand that laws are to be followed and not merely suggestions or if only convenient, especially a basic one like election law.

Mayor, City Council, and City Administration have an obligation to preserve the integrity of City Government as well as representation for District 6 residents and should immediately challenge Claudia Ordaz’ eligibility to take office in the unfortunate event if she wins.

The City is the filing authority for candidates for City Representatives and is responsible for certifying residency when a person applies for a place on the ballot.

Claudia Ordaz is a City Employee and certifying her residency was a simple matter of verifying her employment records.

Clearly we need to change the City Charter to require candidates to actually live in the district for 12 months rather than 6 months preceding the election to prevent special interests from corrupting District Representation by stacking the ballot with their candidates.