Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comadres at the Wall: Ortega Questions Whether Oscar Leeser's Mom is Real Mom or Actress

Comadres at the Wall
Ortega Questions Whether Oscar Leeser's Mom is Real Mom or Actress

Steve Ortega Harassing Oscar Leeser's Mom? 

A source reported that Steve Ortega wanted KVIA to make Mrs. Leeser prove that she was actually Oscar Leeser's mother and not an actress.
So KVIA sent their “crack investigative team” for the job. They went to Hyundai of El Paso where she has an office. According to our source, Mrs. Leeser had family photos in her office and other momentos showing yes, she is definitely his mother and not only is "he such a good boy" she is a first-class lady.  
According to our source, the KVIA reporter said he felt like a complete ass for even asking her. Good! The Comadres agree and Steve Ortega is the bottom dwelling scum in a 50-year old un-flushed toilet.
A better use of the "crack investigative team" would be to visit Ortega's home in Kern Place.


Demanding Debates

Steve Ortega is demanding debates with Oscar Leeser. Leeser is not giving. And why should he?
There were more than 20 debates this election season, why more? Maybe because Steve Ortega blew off going to many of those debates? So now the El Paso Times wants to try to make Ortega look good?
Ortega should have attended all those debates during pre-election like Mr Leeser did, huh Steve?
All those debates you missed, maybe you could have convinced El Paso how you know what's best for them. Ortega blew off so many debates and now he's complaining.
Grow up. It’s called missed opportunity.

Chozet and Ortega Coordinating

Well, we now hear it is no coincidence that District 7 candidate Tania Chozet, like her pal Steve Ortega, hired the Forma Group as her political consultant and literally has the “friends and family service” with Stanton Street Technology Group, now led by Amy O'Rourke Sanders (Bill Sander's daughter) for campaign help.
Most likely Chozet's headquarters is there and not in District 7.

The Ortega and Chozet campaigns are closer than most think. Not only are their special interest campaign donors the same, much cooperation is occurring between the two.
One source revealed their campaign platforms and agendas are the same and the two are running as a special interest slate to preserve the current City Council majority voting-bloc.

Chozet, the District 7 candidate who will only represent Downtown and special interests.

Beto O'Rourke at "Let's Play Ball" rally in support of City Hall Demolition and Downtown Ballpark
Where’s that Bold Leadership?

Word at the wall is O'Rourke’s Chief of Staff is out and Beto is scrambling to find a replacement.  Rumor is the powers that be are not too happy with Congressman Beto O'Rourke.
It seems they are getting nothing accomplished because no one will listen to him in DC.

In the most recent debacle, 11,000 El Paso civilian employees are to be furloughed from Ft Bliss thanks to Beto’s vote supporting Republicans and sequestration. Meanwhile Beto is on tour promoting pot when he is not holding a sign for his pal Steve Ortega.

We've mentioned before how there is a lack of trust among congressional Democrats regarding the El Paso congressman. Well duh, if your father-in-law was a major Republican donor why would a Democrat trust you or listen to anything you have to say. 

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Is Tania Chozet Steve Ortega in a Skirt?

More than half of Chozet’s campaign contributors are the same special interests that fund Ortega. For an attorney that worked for the ACLU, this is a 180.

El Paso Speak

What Will He Do?

Many of us say that this election cycle has been about city management, not the city manager.
Incredibly the city manager has taken action that may make the runoff elections about her too.
Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

This is sad.

Our current city councilman who is running for mayor filed two corrections to previous state mandated campaign finance reports on May 16, 2013.  I picked this up from the web site.  According to the article the candidate under reported $40 thousand in contributions.  Actually, it is hard to see.  Not understand, see.  The portion of the document where the contributions are listed uses typeface  that is so small and blurry that even after printing out each sheet and using a magnifying glass it was hard to see.  You can try it yourself.

El Paso News

Steve Ortega Hates El Paso

I have to give credit where credit is due. Steve Ortega hates the essence of El Paso. Unlike Susie Byrd who embraces her El Paso heritage publically but turns around and votes against it, Steve Ortega has consistently been open about his disgust for his El Paso heritage.

Steve Ortega Under reported $40K

Something has been bothering me about the Steve Ortega campaign finance reports. They just do not add up. As I sat down to review them, I wanted to check my numbers once again so I went to the Municipal Clerk’s office and lo-and-behold Steve Ortega had filed not one, but two amendments to his initial filings. The amendments were filed after Election Day. Bottom line, the Steve Ortega Campaign under reported approximately $40,000 in campaign contributions before Election Day.