Monday, August 13, 2012

Comadres at the Wall - Aug. 13, 2012

We have not seen it, but looks like Susie Byrd, Cortney Niland, and Steve Ortega wanted to block Mayor John Cook's appointment of Gene Finke to the Charter Review. This may have been a reaction of Finke's "elephant in the room" comment at the City Council meeting the night before in which he stated that District 1 had a history of White Supremacy.

Susie to Save EPISD

Speaking of Susie, rumors are what she will do next after leaving office. After a record of voting for issues the disenfranchise people of color, one rumors is that she's being set up to come in on the White Horse to save El Paso Independent School District. Rumor is she'll run for school board trustee, if we're correct, Fred Borrego's seat. That's if her BFF does not give her a job in his congressional office. She recently made the motion for the city to buy a building near her parent's books store in order to move some city services after City Hall is torn down.

Where did all my White Friends Go?

We heard Steve Ortega feels brushed aside. As the power that be look more and more to Cortney Niland as our future mayor, Ortega is wondering where did all my White friends go?

Joyces next home

So the move of the City Tax Office to the Well Fargo Building is gaining some scrutiny by some, Feds, FBI, oh, oh. Joyce, can you spell La Tuna.

Chozet for District 7 Rep?

Tania M. Chozet  for District 7 rep. That's the seat Steve Ortega holds right now although he spends most of his time representing Downtown. Talking to some people in the valley, they roll their eyes. I don't know, I guess she hasn't had time to prove herself, but tell us who your friends are?

Sanders puppet in Sunland Park

Sunland Park may be in trouble again as they are pulling El Paso City Council-style Open Meeting violations. As you know, the El Paso City Council introduced a redistricting map the morning of a meeting and not 72 hours before as required by law. The El Paso Times reports, "State law requires the document be posted publicly at least 24 hours in advance. Then, to start the meeting, city councilors bumped up the mayor appointment from last on the agenda to first -- ahead of public comment even..." So Sunland Park has a new mayor, whose puppet strings, as we have said before, are attached to Bill Sanders. the El Paso-Sunland Park comparisons are getting closer and closer.