Monday, April 29, 2013

Is Tania Chozet Just Steve Ortega in a Skirt?

Is Tania Chozet Just Steve Ortega in a Skirt?
District 7 Candidate Strangely Resembles Steve Ortega; Comparisons Frightening
by Ben and Jerry
Chozet claims as the Precinct 3 County Commissioner, she devoted herself self full-time to her constituents and served with honesty and integrity
In the entire 9 months that Tania Chozet occupied Precinct 3 she never once initiated a community meeting with “her constituents.”  According to constituents who addressed her at Commissioners Court, she was rude, denigrating, and refused to listen. Sound familiar?
No honesty there
In true Ortega style Chozet appears to have struck a quid pro quo deal in exchange for support from the former Yucca Neighborhood Association President who is also supporting Ortega?
On her website, she states she will work hard to ensure the new recreation center near Yucca Park is delivered on-time and within budget.
Chozet is ignoring residents before she’s even elected.
Many more residents want the recreation center on North Loop around Lomaland Park because it serves more people who do not have a center.
Carolina Recreation Center is within walking distance of Yucca Park, actually on the same street. Why build something so close?
Furthermore, Yucca Park already has another bond project.
No integrity or community inclusion there
Chozet claimed as Precinct 3 County Commissioner she was the driving force behind a collaboration with the City of El Paso for Mission Trail planning.
Truth is there are multiple Mission Trail Plans – none of them generated by Chozet.
Apparently “The Plan” was to decide on one of multiple existing Mission Trail Plans. 
She circumvented Representative Eddie Holguin who actually represents part of the area and made a joint announcement with Steve Ortega who represents no one.
Nothing happened beyond that announcement.
Chucoleaks email shows no one else seemed to be aware of a “collaboration.”
No honesty, integrity or community inclusion there
More than half of Chozet’s campaign contributors are the same special interests that fund Ortega. For an attorney that worked for the ACLU, this is a 180. Her funders are heavily Republican and heavily Paso del Norte Group(PDNG)/Borderplex Alliance members (see financial report on file with Municipal Clerk, City of El Paso). What a disappointment!
The Sheriff claims she was better than the previous commissioner.
How high is that standard? The previous commissioner was convicted of drug dealing!
The County Judge claims she has the heart of a public servant. No surprise there, since Chozet rubber stamped the County Judge’s raise.
Like Ortega, apparently Chozet is an unemployed lawyer still living with her parents (see address listed on financial report and Central Appraisal District)(Ortega lived with his parents when he first ran). Now like Ortega, she has decided to become a career politician. Now, it's no sin to live with your parents, but at this stage no incumbent city council member lives with their parents -- even Ortega. She has no financial investment in District 7: does not own a home and does not rent a home or apartment.
Chozet with Rep. Suzie Byrd (right) at Steve Ortega for Mayor Rally. County Judge Veronica Escobar on stage.
Can District 7 really afford 4 more years of arrogance with no representation, no honesty, and no integrity from someone with no financial investment in District 7?

The majority of Tania Chozet's campaign donations came from15 PDNG members:*

PDNG $13,700

PSB Board Members $800

Ortegas family $400



Bill Sanders $2,000 – co-founder

JA Cardwell $2,000

J Robert Brown $2,000

Kirk Robison $2,000

Bob Hoy $1,000

Steve Fox $1,000

Ginger Francis $1,000

Rick Francis $1,000

Steve Hoy  $500

J.O. Stewart $500

Gary Hedrick $250  -

Myrna Deckert $250 – co-founder and former executive director

Jody Casey Feinberg $100

Deborah Kastrin E100  (Sister is one of primary people pushing for lower valley port of entry)


PDNG $13,700


PSB Board Members

Maria Teran $500

Ed Escudero $300

PSB Board Members $800


Ortegas Family

Marc Cioc Ortega $100

Lina Ortega $150

Roberto & Sylvia Ortega $150


Ortegas family $400


Anna Aleman $100 – executive director of FEMAP the Guadalupe de La Vega

Jessica Anna Cabot $300

Anna Cabot $100

Tracey Yellen $250 – associate of Myrna Deckert in MJD & Associates and Veronica Escobar and Suzie Byrd

Rosemary Neill $100

Eddie Sosa $100

Gloria and Charles Ambler $100

Katherine Brennand $100

Sofia Appleby $100  - executive director of Community Scholars

Veronica Escobar $100 (Ortega Friend)

Michael Wyatt $100 (Ortega friend)

Selena Solis $100 (married to Joel Guzman who is employee of Hunt and Ortega friend)