Thursday, May 16, 2013

El Paso Media’s “Unique Situation” is with Steve Ortega not Oscar Leeser

El Paso Media’s “Unique Situation” is with Steve Ortega not Oscar Leeser
Are Bob Moore and the El Paso Times trying to swing the Mayoral election for Ortega and extort advertising dollars from Mr Leeser?

By Eddie Torreal

In the latest and most pathetic attempt to apparently swing the Mayoral election for Ortega and retaliate against Mr. Leeser the El Paso Times and Kevin Lovell of KVIA would like you to think there is a “problem”.

Funny thing is neither Bob Moore or Kevin Lovell  have admitted this problem with Beto O’Rourke and his mother who spends big bucks advertising her furniture store in both the El Paso Times and on KVIA.

Many of Ortega’s big financial supporters such as Hoy-Fox Auto, Rick Francis of Westar Bank, Hunt, Paul Foster of Western Refinery, and Beto’s mom are also major advertisers who may also be “unhappy” if their financial investment and candidate, Ortega, is not promoted.

Then there is Del Sol Medical Center another major advertiser, who happens to employ Ortega’s spouse as their Chief Operating Officer, and recently received multiple city contracts, who may also be “unhappy” if their boy loses.

And let’s not forget the El Paso Times’ landlord has the biggest financial stake in Ortega. Can anyone say rent increase?

Furthermore many advocates of ethics in journalism have question the Times coverage of the stadium scandal, the demolition of City Hall, and the purchasing of the El Paso Times building by the city. National Public Radio (NPR) frequently reads disclosures on stories on individuals who may be underwriters to NPR. It’s been said the Times should have run a disclosure at the top of their stories regarding the stadium scandal that read: “Disclosure: El Paso Times is currently selling it building to the City of El Paso to replace city hall.”

It would seem Ortega presents the bigger problem because there are so many more advertisers financially invested in him who seem desperate to keep him in office.

Considering what has not been reported about Ortega and his conflicts of interest during his entire tenure on City Council it would seem neither Bob Moore nor his staff  know the meaning of  “thorough, accurate, and fair news reporting” much less journalistic integrity.

Before you listen to Bob Moore you should ask him why he has not required Steve Ortega to turn over all his personal emails in which he conducted City business before giving a blind endorsement.

If the advertising and journalism functions at the El Paso Times are really separate then why is this even a story and why would Bob Moore even know about Mr. Leeser’s advertising activity?

Kudos to Mr Leeser for his honesty, integrity, and finding better investments in El Paso than Bob Moore and the El Paso Slimes.