Sunday, October 28, 2012

El Paso Illuminati Visit Oklahoma City to Study Revitalization

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El Paso Illuminati Visit Oklahoma City to Study Revitalization
"Oklahoma City is ahead of the trend, but their including of voters in decisions and open government model is disturbing," says Chamber of Commerce President

by Satira Sinvergüenza / Associated Pest

Posted:  10/28/12 12:18:04 PM MDT

Exiting the airplane from Oklahoma, Chamber of Commerce President Khon Buropolillos yelled, “Yeeow! A-yip-i-o-ee ay! mother fucker.”

Bankers, developers, architects, engineers, planners, arts and culture directors, former third-world dictators and nonprofit leaders visited Oklahoma City on a trip sponsored by the El Paso Chamber of Commerce.

Illuminati members toured Oklahoma City's downtown on a trip with a goal to convince El Pasoans, at least rich ones, that El Paso is the next Oklahoma City.

El Paso can become the next Oklahoma City,” said Crea Dodo, a member of El Paso's elite Paso del Norte Group, although she admitted her confusion. “We learned from visiting Oklahoma that everything is up to date in Kansas City, but they've gone about as fur as they c'n go!”

Plus, we are impressed that Oklahoma City was ahead of its time in passing anti-immigrant ordinances well before such as Arizona, Georgia, or Alabama,” said Paso de Norte Group president Rico Vacilón. "Getting brown people out of your downtown can be accomplished in various ways."

Above, Paul Foster and Alejandra de La Vega Foster Entertain El Paso Visitors  with Their Oklahoma Dance Moves
The only thing we won't duplicate in El Paso is that in Oklahoma City, the vote went straight to the voters when they decided to build a ballpark,” said Vacilón. “In El Paso, we are about ignoring the voters on Quality of Life issues and Oklahoma City shows a dangerous trend.”

Later that night at a local restaurant, as City Manager Joyce Wilson and City Representative Steve Ortega entertained the El Paso visitor by singing, “People Will Say We're We're in Love,” the El Paso elite discussed ways to avoid the open-government model that Oklahoma City currently perpetuates.

We need to keep as much information as possible from voters,” said Vacilón. “Decisions made by government, having City Council meetings open to the public, not having straw polls outside of City Council meeting. That's one thing Oklahoma City is not doing and which El Paso is ahead of the trend. It has to be All Er Nothing and plus the farmer and the cowman must be friends.”


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