Sunday, May 5, 2013

El Pasoans Should Vote “AGAINST” ALL 9 Propositions to Amend City Charter: Proposition Summary

Vote "Against" the Joyce Wilson Empowerment Acts

El Pasoans Should Vote “AGAINST” ALL 9 Propositions to Amend City Charter: Proposition Summary

Propositions a.k.a. Joyce Wilson Empowerment Act Hurt City Employees; Gives More Power to Joyce Wilson, City Manager
Vote “AGAINST” ALL 9 Propositions


§  The Charter Ballot language is vague and does not reflect the actual Charter Changes


§  Voters should have been given the opportunity to approve or disapprove amendments individually without having to approve or disapprove a group of amendments.



Proposition 1 Vote AGAINST:  Protect your representation on City Council  and the integrity of the election process from influence of wealthy special interests


Allows a few wealthy interests to influence elections by making running for office more expensive, requires greater numbers of signatures on petitions, result in national elections overshadowing local ones, and make an already complicated petition process even more complicated.



Propositions 2 Vote AGAINST: Protect your right as a taxpayer for financial accountability over conveyance of City property you paid for. Protect your right to participate and preserve Representation for all.


Significantly reduces public notice and participation by allowing the city to lease property by resolution rather than ordinance. Dilutes the Representative form of Government by requiring all board and commission appointments to be approved by the entire council.



Proposition 3 Vote AGAINST: Protect your investment in your home and the quality of life in your neighborhood


Negatively affects residential areas throughout the city by allowing bars in residential mixed-use zones, limiting the rights of residents to oppose bars, and allowing bar patrons to park in residential neighborhoods.


Proposition 4 Vote AGAINST:   Unjustified excessive salary increases.


Pays Mayor and City Representatives a salary equivalent of 2 people. The salary increases are based on a family of four and not individual income. Raises the salary of the mayor by $28,500 and council members by $20,050. The mayor & council will receive automatic annual pay raises with no public discussion.


Proposition 5 Vote AGAINST: Protect your right as a taxpayer for financial accountability of City Council and the City Manager. Protect your right to participate and hold elected officials accountable to a high ethical standard without fear of punitive retaliation.


Discourages public oversight by creating a “kangaroo court” with the power to impose fines and sanctions. Will discourage the filing of ethics complaints against public officials. Shifts auditor control to City Manager by the hiring and firing of the city’s auditor.


Proposition 6 Vote AGAINST: Protect the integrity of the Civil Service Commission and all city employee rights.


Guts the authority of the Civil Service Commission and the civil service protections provided to city employees. It will give power to the City Manager over all personnel decisions and disciplinary processes. It does not address the conflicts of interest of any current or future commissioners who may do millions of dollars in business with the city.


Proposition 7 Vote AGAINST:  Protect the rights of all City employees and against non-competitive discriminatory hiring practices of the City Manager.


Diminishes the rights of all city employees. Greatly increases the power of the City Manager to hire whoever she wants without a competitive hiring process. Allows the city manager to privatize city jobs by replacing certain civil service positions with outside contractors. Does not provide GLBT or any other employees with any protections or rights that are not already in place.



Proposition 8 Vote AGAINST: Protect the integrity of the City Charter, Civil Service Commission, and protections of city employees from arbitrary management.


Reduces public control over City Charter by enabling city staff to modify the City Charter to make some matters that are currently handled by the Civil Service Commission into administrative matters that will be handled by the City Manager.


Proposition 9 Vote AGAINST:  Protect your right as a taxpayer for financial accountability over debt issued in your name and your right to vote on Quality of Life projects for your neighborhood.


More debt without voter approval. Removes the restriction in the debt management policy that Quality of Life Bonds must go before voters for approval of debt.