Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Women of Color of Impact In El Paso and Other Diversity Musings

No Women of Color of Impact In El Paso and Other Diversity Musings

Just some quick shots out of the cannon tonight.

Women of Impact

The El Paso Inc. spotlighted six "Women of Impact" in El Paso. If you see the recent issue of the Inc. you'll see some photos of the ceremony. Last week the Inc. included a glossing magazine profiling the women.

What bothers me about this was that with El Paso now 80.7% Hispanic (2010 U.S. Census) and only 14.2% White, there is only one women of color who is a women of impact in El Paso (Estela Casas) in 2011?

To be fair, I have not kept track of this in years before and the Inc. mentions that Sandra Braham who heads the El Paso YWCA and Sue Woo of Sandy & Messer Associates, are both previous Women of Impact winners. Braham is African American and Woo is Asian. So women of color have been chosen before.

Furthermore, many of the women of color that I know, many being anti-neo-liberalists and workers for peace and justice, are probably not the kind of women most featured in The Inc.  Nevertheless, El Paso has its fair share of female laissez faire capitalists who are of color.

Nevertheless, how much homework is being done for any year if one could only find one Hispanic "Women of Impact" in a city of over 80,000 Hispanics?

The El Paso Times did a much better job in looking at women in business. In today's (Sunday, Ot. 16) issue they profiled many women in business and had a good share of women of color. Now, I'm not sure how advertising had anything to do with it, but still gives a diverse view of El Paso.

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