Friday, March 29, 2019

Heather Wilson, O’Rourke, and El Paso's Conservative Oligarchs: The Left Gets Bit in the Ass

Heather Wilson, O’Rourke, and El Paso's Conservative Oligarchs: The Left Gets Bit in the Ass

In Game of Thrones, it seems that the ultimate insult was to kill your family and have you eat their remains unbeknownst.

Heather Wilson. Beto O'Rourke. El Paso is seeing sad times.

This seems to be the problem with the Left in El Paso.

This was meant to be an attack on immigration advocates in El Paso, many who were supporters of Beto O’Rourke.

My point was that many immigrants live in South El Paso, and many poor Mexicans live in the Lomas de Peleo area near the Mexican side of Anapra, New Mexico.

These were the areas being affected. This is where people were  being forced off their land. This was O’Rourke’s selling out Segundo Barrio.

Then there was the exposed connection with the violence perpetrated on the residents of Lomas de Poleo in Mexico. 

This was connected to many of the deals the O’Rourke’s father-in-law and the oligarchs in Cd. Juarez were hatching.
To be true immigrant advocates, the Left needs to be more than advocates in the immigration reform realm.

We need to be advocates in all realms concerning immigrants: wages, housing, woman’s issues, LGBTQ issues, and specifically when they face displacement by Beto O’Rourke and his Republican allies. 

Once immigrants are in the United States, we cannot just abandon them to become victims of rich elites.

So what of the Left in El Paso? They seem like a snake that eats its own tail. They shoot themselves in the foot. I write this soul searching because I'm a member of the Left.

Looking at Facebook and seeing the intense movement by the Left by UTEP professors and students as well as community groups, many just a few months ago were actively supporting Beto O’Rourke.

Now their hero is running for president of the United States, and he is silent on the appointment of Heather Wilson to the UTEP presidency. Will O'Rourke bite the hands that feed him. He did not when it came to housing for military families, so probably not.

For many of us who have fought O’Rourke and the White Elites in El Paso for years, we saw the connection years ago. 

Yes, O’Rourke and Heather Wilson are connected. If you can’t connect the dots, you need to do your homework.

We will cut you a break for your actions during the Texas Senate race. Yes, why would one vote for Ted Cruz? Or maybe you were just towing the Democratic Party line.

However, for people of color, we are often placed in this situation. One of choosing the lessor of two evils.

For the UTEP presidential search committee, it was stacked with Borderplex Alliance members. At one point the only person of color was the Student Government president. Two of the search committee members are O’Rourkes biggest contributors while on city council and in Congress. For one, O'Rourke is the largest recipient of contributions from one of them.

Members of El Paso Oligarch: Paul Foster (left) and Woody Hunt (right). O'Rourke is the largest recipient of contributions from Hunt Corporation, which has been accused of building substandard military housing.
Above: Paul Foster and Rep. Veronica Escobar celebrate victory.

What can we say? Is it a “reap what you sow”? Or “chickens come home to roost” for El Paso’s Left?

The road toward the Right in El Paso is being paved with the bones of the victims of El Paso’s elite.

We are at dinner and the victims of O’Rourke and his conservative allies are being fed to us — and all we can say is, “That’s a good pie.”