Friday, May 25, 2012

Comadres at the Wall: Rumors and Ratones

Comadres at the Wall: Rumors and Ratones

Scientific Poll?

The El Paso Times ran a front-page story on a Coronado High School poll on the congressional race between Silvestre Reyes and Robert "Beto" O'Rourke. Although a small poll, the Times ran it as if Gallup had produced it. Rumor is that the student polled Silvestre Reyes when he went to vote asking him who he was going to vote for, not knowing it was the congressman.

El Paso Times Racial Divide

News from the El Paso Times newsroom. We heard that many people of color in the room are disappointed at the Times coverage of the election from removing comments to stories, not fact checking O'Rourke campaign attacks against Reyes, using unnamed sources to name a few (I know we give unnamed sources in this post, but shit, just rumors). We hear the divide run along racial lines. If you read Mario T. Garcia's book on former El Paso Mayor Raymond Tellez, you can see that not much as changed at the El Paso Times, with exception of more Chicano and Latinos working there.

Segundo Barrio Endorsement

Not so fast. There has been an uproar in the Segundo Barrio over what looked like endorsements from Segundo Barrio residents. Even Susie Byrd posted it on her Facebook wall. Apparently, one resident who was quoted in a recent campaign mail out by O'Rourke said that he was interviewed about O'Rourke last year and that he did say some good things. However, this person did not know the O'Rourke campaign would run his comments as an endorsement. He was surprised and extremely upset. No, he remembers O'Rourke trying to raze the Segundo Barrio which he found unforgivable. He's voting for the other guy.

Just In Case

Looking at recent contributions, some prominent Republicans are not so keen on O'Rourke. Some have made donations to other candidates of recent. I'm not so keen on receiving Republican money (we'll leave that to Naomi Gonzalez), but I guess these Republicans don't have the faith.

Occupy Discontents

Talking with a few occupiers, some disgrunts from the pack. Some feel their movement has been taken over by White academic elites.  And they were fearing the Democratic Party.

Mayoral Recall and Just Two Weeks

Saw a table at a park for the second effort to recall Mayor John Cooks. Recall not dead! Also, heard from one of the person doing the first recall. Although I can't agree with their position, their comments are interesting. According to one recall organizer, it just took a week-and-a-half to get the signature required to recall City Rep. Steve Ortega. Uhm, Mayor Ortega. Shit, the gavachos will pick a White person over you any day Steve, even if you pick them over our people everyday. Yikes! Scooby Doo where are you!