Saturday, June 1, 2013

55% of Steve Ortega’s Campaign Donations came Paso del Norte Group and Associates

Steve Ortega: Doughboy of the PDNG
55% of Steve Ortega’s Campaign Donations came from PDNG Members and their Associates
38% came from the 13 PDNG contributors

by Jerry

The Baker’s Dozen

Editors Note: We previously analyzed Steve Ortega’s financial reports in 21% of Steve Ortega’s Campaign Donations came from 6 Paso del Norte Group/Borderplex Alliance (PDNG) Special Interests. Since Ortega later amended his 8-day financial report and it was notoriously hard to read, we had to reanalyze it.

Update (06/02/130): The agenda for the Tuesday, June 6 City Council meeting lists that Ortega received $5,000 from Bill Sanders (for a total of $17,000), $5,000 from Rick Francis, $5000 from Charles Jordan, $1500 from Bill Burton, Jack Chapman $1500


38% or $105,659.88 of Steve Ortega’s $276,914.40** in total campaign donations came from the following 13 PDNG Members and their associates (see chart above).


1.    The owners and relatives of 500 W Overland donated $15,659.88. They also happen to have a contract with the City. 


Coincidentally the 500 W Overland tenants include Steve Ortega’s Campaign Headquarters, Steve Ortega’s PR group, The El Paso Times, and Beto O’Rourke’s Stanton Street Technology Group.


2. The William “Bill” Sanders and O’Rourke Clan plus employees donated $12,500. Sanders owns the Wells Fargo building through the Borderplex REIT. He is currently leasing space to the City for the Tax Department and the Finance Department because the Finance Department did not fit in the new City Hall. It does not appear that either lease went out to competitive bid.


3.  Hunt family and Hunt employees donated $10,100. The Stadium-MountainStar.


4.  J Kirk Robinson of Pizza Properties donated $8,000


5.   Robert Brown of Brownco Capital, Inc. and Brown Ranch donated $8,000


6.   Paul Foster and a Western Refinery employee donated $7,500. The Stadium-MountainStar.


7.   Rick Francis family of WestStar Bank donated $7500


8.   Robert Hoy family Hoy-Fox Automotive donated $7000


9     Dan Longoria of Mattress Firm donated $6900


10   Harold Hahn of Rocky Mountain Mortgage donated $6,500. County records show Rocky Mountain Mortgage wrote a mortgage for Steve Ortega for a property he purchased.


11.   Ted Houghton of the TxDOT Commission and Toll Road fame donated $6,000


12.  JA Cardwell of C&R Distributing donated $5,000. C&R has had contracts with the City.


13. Jonathan Abrams of JD Abrams donated $5,000. JD Abrams is the contractor that built part of the Loop extension.


The pie charts below show the break down of total campaign donations by interest group


(See pie chart above)
55% or $152,254.90 from Paso Del Norte Group Members (PDNG) and their Associates which includes those named above (38% or $105,659.88 of the Paso Del Norte Group Members (PDNG) and Associates contributions are from the 13 interests above)

6% or $15,250 from PACs and Companies

1% or $3325 from Family and Friends

7% or $19,700 from Builders and City Contractors excluding PDNG donors

7% or $18,150 from Out of Towners

Only 25% or $63,234.50 was donated from the “Average Citizen,” less than received by other Mayoral candidates


** Note: Total campaign contributions are based on line item calculation of contributions which as noted does not match reported summary totals.