Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thank your for the Debt Cortney!
Cortney Nilland resigned from City Council

More than anyone, Niland was the hentchwomen of the current cabal of Kingmakers.

Implicated in the open meeting violations that proceeded the Southwest University Park vote, many of the open records that came out of that scandal portrayed Niland as not a very nice person.

Perhaps the greatest black mark on her record is her alleged involvement in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raiding a local domestic violence shelter.

Regarding Niland's change of heart in December 2016, when she voted to take Duranguito off consideration, Niland may have had the Grinch moment then she grew a heart. Ironically, this all took place around Christmas time.

But then she split. Did not attend anymore meetings. And suddenly resigns.

We should also questions whether Niland "set up" other council members to violate the Texas Open Meeting act.

We know evil people have family tragedies too, so we won’t press her too hard.

Niland leaves us with tons of debt and higher property taxes, all to the benefit of her masters. She will not have to worry about it as she's splitting El Paso.

But perhaps, next Christmas Eve, at midnight, Jacob Marley will pay her a visit.